About Dr Oei

Dr Michael Oei

As a former athlete, Dr Michael Oei is all too familiar with sporting injuries.

His passion for sports medicine started as a junior athlete competing at national and international level. After sustaining an injury, he could not find the help he needed and this inspired his lifelong goal of providing targeted treatments for sportspeople and those seeking non-surgical treatments for musculoskeletal problems.

Dr Oei started in general practice in 1980. From sports medicine, his interest changed to musculoskeletal medicine, as the only field of medicine that he could treat patients manually, and often with an instant result. He now practices musculoskeletal/sports medicine full-time.

The increasing demand for his services from golfers with back problems led to immersing himself in learning everything he could about the physical challenges of golf. Unsurprisingly, this interest resulted in Dr Oei taking up golf as a new sport and he now specialises in golf fitness and injuries.

Dr Oei's expertise and skills have been sought by international sports stars and celebrities and he acts as medical director at many international sports events. He has also been the past President of the Australian Association of Musculoskeletal Medicine.

His wife, Katherine Oei, is the friendly face welcoming you to the Mosman clinic. Dr Oei has made a lifelong commitment to helping sportspeople and others suffering from ongoing musculoskeletal problems, pain and dysfunction.