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As a specialist in his field, Dr Michael Oei is a regular presenter at medical and sporting conferences and events in Australia and internationally. He also lectures and holds workshops and works closely with a number of charity organisations.

Master Class

In September 2015, Dr Oei undertook the Master Class for Lyftogt Perineural Injection Treatment held in Naples, Italy.
Lyftogt Perineural Injection Treatment
Lyftogt Perineural Injection Treatment


John Cantor Alaska Expedition Part 2

John Cantor, extreme adventurer, received prolotherapy from Dr Michael Oei as part of his preparation towards solo crossing the Brooks Range in Alaska. This incredible feat was featured on the ABC's Australian Story. The section on John's prolotherapy and an interview with Dr Oei can be seen from 4:15 in the video clip below.
Dr Michael Oei
Dr Michael Oei


Injections to Kick-Start Tissue Repair

Published: August 7, 2007 Prolotherapy in The New York Times

Subcutaneous Perineural Injections (Subcutaneous Prolotherapy)

By Dr KD REEVES, a physician and medical researcher in the area of pain caused by arthritis, chronic sprains and chronic strains. His private practice is located in the greater Kansas City area of Roeland Park, Kansas. He collaborates in research with other locations across the country and internationally.

Neural Prolotherapy

One of the newest advances in Regenerative Orthopedic Medicine is the use of Neurofascial Prolotherapy. Neurofascial Prolotherapy (NPT) was born out of clinical observations and involves the treatment of Neurogenic inflammation.

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Lyftogt Med: Neuropathic Pain Therapies

Dr John Lyftogt developed a new treatment which he named Neural Prolotherapy (NPT) but is now known as Lyftogt Perineural Injection Treatment™ (Lyftogt P.I.T™). Dr Lyftogt has provided personal and intensive training to Dr Michael Oei in this specific procedure.

Australian Open

Dr Oei was the doctor in attendance at the 2007 MFS Australian Open from December 13-16 at The Australian Golf Club, Sydney. The MFS 2007 Australian Open featured a top-class field including seven Australians inside the top 50 in the official world golf rankings.

Australian Association of Musculoskeletal Medicine

Dr Oei is the past president of The Australian Association of Musculoskeletal Medicine (AAMM), a non-profit organisation formed by a group of medical practitioners in 1971 with the aim of promoting the education of doctors in the area of spinal pain disorders.

Australian College of Physical Medicine

Dr Oei is an examiner and Fellow of the Australian College of Physical Medicine which was formally established in 1989 as a not-for-profit postgraduate medical education organisation.

Federation International Musculoskeletal Medicine Academy

Dr Oei is committee member of the Federation International Musculoskeletal Medicine Academy (FIMM) in Scientific Education. FIMM is an International Medical Association comprised of individual national societies of similar philosophical beliefs and practices. It is a non-profit organisation representing 29 national societies. Through scientific and educational channels, together with evidence-based research, FIMM aims to create consistently high standards in the practice of Manual/Musculoskeletal Medicine world-wide.

Immediate Assistants Events

Dr Oei is a former consultant to Immediate Assistants Events, an organisation that provides medical care to events such as film and television, concerts, corporate and sporting events.