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Daniel Bringolf

  • 2010-2012 Member of the NSW State Team
  • 2012 Federal Amateur Open Champion
  • 2011 Malaysian Amateur Open Champion
  • 2010 NT Amateur Champion
Daniel Bringolf

Photo courtesy of Jenny De Andrade

Jennifer Gilbertson

Endurance Horse Rider

"What moment are you most proud of?
Fastest time and best managed horse at the 1999 400km Shahzada on home turf is hard to beat, but to stand on the podium at the World Endurance Championships in Dubai and receive the team silver medal comes close. I also have to rate riding the 160km Tevis Cup over the Sierra Nevada Ranges as the most challenging ride I have ever done. Imagine riding around the rim of the Grand Canyon. I took 17 hours and most of that was in the dark. The Tevis Cup is arguable the most famous endurance competition in the world."
- Horses and People Magazine (14/08/2013)

"Jennifer not only has clocked up 30,000 competitive kilometres, but many, many more riding in competitions internationally representing Australia riding in South Africa, New Zealand, USA, UAE. The 30,000 kilometre distance is the most amount of kilometres recorded in Australia alone."

"The World's Most Preferred Endurance Ride is for fit competitive people who ride to win and the conditions. Reflex brought Jennier across the line for a fifth individual medal."

"Reflex went on six weeks after the Shahzada (a 499km marathon ride) to gain 1st middleweight at the NSW State Championships."
- 30,000 Clicks and Still Travelling: Camille Alexander
Jennifer Gilbertson
Jennifer Gilbertson
Jennifer Gilbertson